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Big Bay postcard mailed to the S.S. Alberta at Port McNichol on July 20, 1914


Big Bay, Ontario, Canada, is the most northerly community in the former Keppel Township, amalgamated into Georgian Bluffs in 2001, in Grey County. Big Bay, at times named North Keppel, was first settled in 1858, 150 years ago.

This website provides information on community activities at Big Bay, and was first set up as an information portal for "Big Bay Remembers 1858 - 2008", the 150 year commemoration of the founding of Big Bay.

Big Bay Sideroad at Graham's Hill, leading into town

Upcoming Activities

Every Friday night in the summer Keith Davidson plays his bagpipes at the Big Bay dock. His performance begins about 20 minutes before sunset. Each performance ends with Amazing Grace and he invites the audience to accompany his playing for this tune. The audience becomes the "Big Bay Hummers". Come and enjoy a musical event in a splendid setting!

Keith Davidson, Fridays at sunset

For photos and reports on past activities click here.

Check the Memories of Big Bay page for a new article Memories of Growing Up in North Keppel, by Jim Shier.

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